Beards are currently an extremely fashionable thing to have. Whether it’s a little bit of stubble or full length facial fuzz, having a beard is definitely a fashion statement and for some men it’s just second nature to be able to grow thick, luscious hair on their face. For others though, growing a beard can be a difficult task that leaves them with patchy areas on their cheeks or neck which leaves them either walking around with it shaven or trying to lean into the patchy look. A beard transplant, although relatively new in comparison to other forms of hair transplant, is quickly becoming a contender for men who can’t quite grow their beard to it’s fullest and if supplements and serums just aren’t cutting it, what should you know before booking yourself in?

  1. Well firstly, you can get the beard that you’ve always wanted, whether that’s going for the old school goatee or you want to end up like Dumbledore or Gandalf. Similar to having your haircut, taking a photograph or an image of the style you want with you will help and provide a visual representation of how you want to look once it’s complete. The surgeon will work with you and what you can already grow to help create the look that you desire.
  2. To have the beard transplant done though, you do have to sacrifice a little bit from your head. In the case of any hair transplant, the hair is usually taken from the back of the scalp as this area is normally unaffected by hair loss (unless it’s an extreme case) and will be transplanted to match the natural growth pattern of the facial hair you can grow. It’s not going to be enough to show visibly that you now need a hair transplant as well, but if you look very closely then you’ll know where your new beard hair has come from.
  3. After about two weeks, the newly transplanted beard hair will fall out. Now I know what you’re thinking, why has hair I’ve just had transplanted fallen out? Well, it actually means that the beard transplant surgery is working and around three to six months later they’ll start growing through properly and you can say hello to your new face fuzz.
  4. It’s quite a quick surgery to undergo and in a lot of cases only take a few hours to do so you’ll need to plan around taking a day off work or ensuring you have no major plans booked in for before or after the surgery, but otherwise you normally only require the one session and have very little downtime.
  5. It’s not just for those who struggle to grow a beard, it can be used to help cover up scars on the face that would normally be in the area where facial hair grows which can do wonders for your confidence.

So after reading all of that, if you’re still certain that you want a beard transplant, contact one of our team today to book in for your consultation now.