Losing your hair, and more extremely going bald, can be an incredibly tough thing for anyone to go through, whether they are a man or a woman. Recent reports have shown that around 40% of men are affected by some form of hair loss by the time they reach their 30’s, whereas around 40% of women have experienced some form of hair loss by the time they are in their 40’s, meaning that this is something that already does or will have an effect on 2/5 of people worldwide. But is there some kind of hair loss treatment or baldness treatment that can stop these signs and help you feel confident again?

Well, thanks to advancements in hair loss science over the last few years, now there are treatments for both hair loss and baldness of any shape or size and come in a range of different options.

Firstly, there is medication that can be taken to fight the signs of hair loss. With different forms for men and women, these are an effective way to treat early signs of hair loss as they contain the right chemicals to stop the hormones that are wreaking havoc on your hair follicles and stopping them from effectively doing their job. Although this will stop the visual signs of hair loss, it is only an effective hair loss treatment as long as you continue to take the medication.

Secondly, scalp micropigmentation is an incredibly effective method of both hair loss and baldness treatment and works as if it is a “hair tattoo”. SMP, as its more commonly known, is the process of injecting hundreds to thousands of tiny dots into the scalp to create the illusion of depth for those suffering with hair loss, and a freshly shaved look for those who are suffering from baldness. Thanks to its adaptability, it’s a wonderful method of treatment for both hair loss and baldness though it will never actually be your hair, it will always just be a large number of tiny dots.

Lastly, the only true solution you have to completely combat hair loss is a hair transplant. There are two main methods of hair transplant treatment and these are the FUT and FUE methods.

FUT, or follicular unit transplantation, is the more traditional method of the two and involves having a small area of the scalp removed via scalpel to have the hair follicles extracted from it to prepare them for implantation. FUE, or follicular unit extraction, is quickly becoming the preferred method of practice for hair transplants due to the way that it does not leave any form of visible scarring on the scalp. This method utilises a specialised tool, similar to a holepunch device, to extract the follicles individually from the scalp and remove them to be prepared for transplantation. Because this uses your own hair and can be implanted to any area of the scalp, transplantation is the only 100% effective way to fight and stop hair loss from occurring.

As a method of baldness treatment, as long as you are not completely bald, this is a treatment the can be performed for you and is especially good at stopping the appearance of balding spots by filling them with natural hair, which once it is grown will be completely undetectable from the hair surrounding it.

As far as hair loss treatments and baldness treatments are concerned, there are a number of different methods that you can use to effectively fight the signs and effects, though the only 100% effective method is to have a hair transplant performed.