Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP as it is commonly known, is not just a regular hair tattoo but a highly specialised process during which tiny deposits of pigment are positioned within the dermal layer of the skin.

What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, more commonly referred to as SMP, is not simply an ordinary hair tattoo but is in fact a highly specialised process where tiny deposits of pigment are injected within the dermal layer of the skin. When this is performed by a skilled practitioner such as one of our own highly qualified surgeons, these deposits can replicate the look of real shaven hair.

Our SMP treatments can be as flexible as you need them to be. Our clients are usually able to specify the shape of their frontal hairline and side profile that they are looking for and can request options such as a defined or super-soft “broken” hairline, even as far as things such as opting for a receded look or the use of lighter pigments to create a softer overall look. SMP is intended to be used to help create the style that you want and our practitioners are fully trained to cater for any requirements including treatments for differing skin tones.

SMP by Better Hair Transplant Clinics is intended as a permanent solution for hair loss. The only requirement is that the client keeps their hair cut to the correct length using standard hair clippers, an electric shaver or even simply a razor. The length that each individual client will need to keep cut to will vary per client and is solely dependent on the extent of hair loss experienced by the client. We also recommend that all clients keep their skin healthy and hydrated with regular moisturisation of their scalp.

In some cases a short touch-up session may be required for some clients, however in these cases the sessions are usually around five years apart.

What is the process?

All clients will have a free consultation session with a member of our team and in most cases, these consultations are conducted on a face to face basis. For clients who are based further afield or for those who may experience difficulty in travelling to their local clinic, the consultation may also be completed via email or Skype if preferred.

During your consultation, you will be given the opportunity to ask as many questions as you desire and voice any concerns you may have about the treatment, our staff will provide you with advice that is tailored to your own individual circumstances. It is important to note that your consultation is conducted with zero obligation to continue to have the treatment and is conducted in a friendly and informal manner at all times.

If you choose to proceed with the treatment, either directly following the consultation or after taking some time to further consider the treatments, we will mutually arrange suitable dates, times and clinic locations for your treatment sessions to be performed.

SMP treatments are usually completed within 2-3 sessions, however dependent on your circumstances, additional session may be required. All quotations provided by ourselves are fixed, therefore if you do require additional sessions, no additional fee is required for this.

Can SMP conceal scars, alopecia and other imperfections?

SMP can be used to conceal imperfections and has been used by many of our clients to aid in concealing many scars and skin blemishes that they have acquired during their lifetime. This can include scarring caused by hair restoration surgery, other forms of surgical scarring, accident-related scars and other imperfections such as burns or skin conditions.

More often than not, we find that SMP is commonly used to conceal alopecia areata, however other forms of alopecia such as alopecia totalis and traction alopecia are also able to be camouflaged with the use of SMP treatments. When helping to treat alopecia, our goal is to provide each client with peace of mind and renewed confidence, regardless of whether or not their natural hair grows back eventually.


If you’re on the fence about having a treatment done, why not read some of the comments below from previous clients who were more than happy to share their experience.

Man smiling about the outcome of his hair transplant with Better Hair Transplant Clinics

It has been well over a year now since my operation with Better Hair Clinics and I am very happy with the outcome. My hair looks natural and healthy if you are thinking about having the procedure then think no longer just get on with it, it really is a life changer and worth every penny. I would highly recommend this company.

Woman smiling to show she is happy with the outcome of her transplant procedure

After a bad eyebrow tattoo I was extremely depressed, I had surgery 9 months ago and I am in love with the results. I actually have hair now and my tattoo is fading, thank you so much.

Man smiling about his hair transplant consultation

I’ve only had my consultation with Sharon but already I know I’m in good hands. She was extremely informative and happy to answer any of my questions and talked me through what is needed for my hair loss. I have booked my procedure and I know from the results I have seen the Surgeon has got that I am going to be one happy less bald man.

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