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At Better Hair Transplant Clinics, we believe that the best way for any potential patient to find our exactly how good we are at what we do is for them to see it for themselves. Whether it’s an FUE hair transplant, an FUT hair transplant or even a beard transplant procedure, there’s nothing better than seeing results to show you just how good it really looks. We could sit here and write about it, but we think it’s best for our patients to show you the changes that they have gone through and to tell you about it in their own words.

The receding hairline and desired hairline are clearly marked out before the hair transplant procedure is carried out
The results of a hair transplant surgery will take time to show through but are indistinguishable from your natural hair

“When my hairline started to recede, I started worrying about having to shave my hair off completely. The FUE transplant procedure has changed my life and given me renewed confidence in my hair.”

The results from a female hair transplant surgery are often some of the best we see
Hair transplants for women are generally only considered when there are no other options to renew the hair growth

“Losing your hair is considered to be much worse for a woman, so being able to lower my hairline and create a completely natural appearance at the same time was a dream come true. I couldn’t be happier with my results!”

New hairline marked out on patients temple prior to a hair transplant surgery being performed
Newly transplanted follicles will show the new hairline immediately, but it takes time for the hair to grow through following a hair transplant surgery

“Hair loss is something that I never thought would affect me, but when it did I was incredibly thankful for the advice Better Hair Transplant Clinics provided before, during and after my transplant surgery.”

Male pattern baldness generally starts with a receding area around the temples
Renewed growth around the temples to create a new hairline after a hair transplant procedure

“Seeing my hair start to recede was something that was incredibly annoying, but thanks to Sharon and the whole team at Better Hair Transplant Clinics I was able to stop it from happening any further and get a brand new hairline.”

Male pattern baldness commonly occurs as a hairline that recedes around the temples, causing the necessity to undergo transplant surgery
Results showing the new hairline after 6 months have passed from the hair transplant procedure

“When my hair started to recede noticeably around my hairline, I knew that I needed to do something to stop it. Sharon and her team gave me the best advice and helped me to make the best decision that I’ve ever made.”

The newly transplanted hair follicles will need time to grow and create a new hairline
Completely natural and authentic looking hairline that was created during a hair transplant surgery

“Creating a completely new hairline is something that I thought would be really difficult, especially considering the amount of work that mine needed, but I’m so impressed and thankful for the results that I was able to achieve.”

Before a hair transplant surgery, the receding hairline is visible even beneath the styling to cover it
Hair transplant procedures are performed to fill in areas where there is little hair growth

“Start to see your hair recede further and further back is something that causes serious issues with confidence, especially in a public facing job role. Better Hair Transplant clinics were able to restore my hairline, and more importantly, my confidenc.”

FUE hair transplant surgery is capable of providing a drastic change to your hair and can be performed to give a new hairline and renewed growth to the scalp
Unless you were told by the patient that they had undergone a hair transplant procedure, you wouldn't be able to tell as the final results are completely natural looking

“My hair loss was more than just a bit of a receding area and was happening all over my scalp, but after the transplant surgery I look and feel like a completely new man. I’ll be thankful to Sharon and her team forever for this lifechanging surgery!”

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The FUT hair transplant procedure is capable of being performed on both men and women to provide drastic results

2200 FUT Grafts (4400 hairs)

The FUE hair transplant procedure can be performed to all areas of the scalp, but most commonly is performed to provide patients with a new hairline

1800 FUE Grafts (3600 hairs)

FUE hair transplants for men provide completely natural and indistinguishable results to the naturally existing hair around it

2000 FUE Grafts (4000 hairs)

Beard transplants can make a huge difference to the facial hair, filling in gaps and ensuring there is no patchy growth

1800 Beard FUE Grafts (3600 hairs), second procedure 800 Beard FUE Grafts (1600 hairs)

Male eyebrow transplant procedures can be performed to ensure that the eyebrows are symmetrical, or simply to just give them a natural appearance

300 Eyebrow FUE Grafts (600 hairs)

When losing your hair, the FUT hair transplant surgery is capable of giving your scalp a new lease of life and providing you with a completely natural looking hairline

1800 FUT Grafts (3600 hairs)

The FUE hair transplant procedure can also be performed on eyebrows as well as the scalp, giving completely natural looking eyebrows where the hair was lacking or thin

250 Eyebrow FUE Grafts (500 hairs)

Eyebrow transplants for women are among some of the most popular treatments that we perform, allowing you to achieve perfect looking eyebrows without the need to apply makeup daily

350 Eyebrow FUE Grafts (700 hairs)

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