Your eyebrows are an incredibly useful part of your face. You can use them to express yourself, show emotion, add a sense of style (whether that’s by filling them in or shaving parts away) and for some people they are a focal point that can be used to draw the eyes to. But if you woke up one day and your eyebrows were missing, it’s something that you would immediately notice and would need to find a way to fill that space as fast as possible.

For some people, this is a very real and painstaking daily struggle. Losing your eyebrows due to overplucking, illness or for any other reason can have a disastrous effect on confidence levels as many people won’t want to be seen with an obvious part of their face appearing to be missing. It’s like having to wear an eyepatch, people are going to look at it and wonder what the reason for it is to be there, or in the case of the eyebrows, for them to not be there. This is where eyebrow restoration surgery comes into the conversation.

Eyebrow restoration surgery, otherwise known as an eyebrow transplant, is the perfect way to restore your eyebrows and also give you back confidence in your own skin. This can be performed for any of the reasons listed above and for many more as a way to bring back your eyebrows or in some cases, even just give them a breath of fresh air.

An eyebrow restoration surgery can be performed either using the FUE (follicular unit extraction) or FUT (follicular unit transplantation) methods and both of these provide incredible results, however the most important part of this form of surgery isn’t which transplant method is used. In fact, the most important aspect is ensuring that the recipient sites for the hair to be transplanted into are carefully created by the surgeon. Due to the way in which eyebrow hair naturally differs from the hair which grows on your head (which is where the follicles will be extracted from), the surgeon needs to carefully ensure that the newly implanted follicles will follow the existing natural growth direction and angulation to accurately blend in with the remainder of the eyebrow (or in very extreme cases, to accurately represent a natural eyebrow), as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing and natural appearance to complement the your facial features.

During an eyebrow restoration surgery, you and your surgeon work closely together to design the eyebrow or eyebrows that you have been dreaming of, before your surgeon will set to work retrieving follicles from the rear of the scalp. These follicles are then prepared into the grafts that will be implanted into the eyebrow area, with approximately 40 to 500 grafts per eyebrow depending on the severity of the case.

From this point, its simply a case of maintenance. Because these hairs are extracted from your head, they aren’t going to feel the same as your previous eyebrow hair and they actually require regular maintenance and trimming to ensure that they don’t grow too long, however, the difference between having an actual eyebrow again and not just one that’s been drawn on is staggering and will do wonders for your confidence in not just your eyebrows but in the rest of your body too!