Unexpected causes of hair loss

With hair loss, there are a wide number of reasons that can cause it to happen, from your diet through to genetic and medical disorders, but there are a number of unexpected things that can also cause it start or make it worse. Normal hair loss, ranging anywhere from around 50 to 100 hairs [...]

Can vitamin D deficiency be linked to hair loss?

Vitamin D deficiencies have many symptoms including muscle pain, cold/fever and excessive sweating, but it can also in some more extreme cases result in hair loss. There is some evidence suggesting that vitamin D deficiencies definitely cause hair loss and other hair problems as vitamin D stimulates the hair follicles to grow and when [...]

Do hair loss supplements actually work and can they help with hair growth?

With millions of people worldwide suffering with hair loss daily, it’s very quickly becoming something that is spoken about by a lot of people. You may talk to someone every single day of your life who is battling it and shows no clues or visible signs that they are, or possibly be friends with [...]

Hair loss comes with many questions, but what are the answers?

Hair loss or thinning can be a very difficult thing to experience, especially if you are going through things at a younger age or feeling like you are going through it alone, however with millions of men and women worldwide suffering from hair loss every day and many others suffering with it at some [...]

Can diabetes cause you to lose your hair?

In its simplest form, hair loss is a natural part of a hair cells life cycle and as it reaches the end of the cycle, it will fall out and be replaced by a new hair that typically grows out of the same hair follicle. Sometimes though, new hairs do not form and grow [...]

Have scientists really found a cure for baldness?

A news story has aired recently with scientists believing that they have found a cure for baldness thanks to a new medical breakthrough, but what is this new knowledge and how would a cure work? The majority of people on the planet who experience hair loss feel insecure about their baldness or balding appearance [...]

What hair restoration options are available for women?

Hair loss in women is a much bigger and more common problem than most people actually realise and we personally have a large number of women enquiring about how they can fight the signs and effects of hair loss. More often than not, the majority of these women are coming to us after already [...]

What hair restoration options are available for men?

Hair transplants have been around for many years, but with advancements made to technology, they are now more popular than ever with many celebrities such as Wayne Rooney and George Sampson just two of a growing number opting for them, but why do men opt for them and what options do they have? We [...]

Can lasers really be used for hair restoration?

Laser therapy for hair is something that is incredibly common when it comes to hair removal, but when you think of hair restoration, lasers really aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. For most people, lasers and hair are always going to be associated with having their leg hair removed, but thanks to [...]

Can wearing a hat cause me to lose my hair?

Hair loss within the male population is incredibly common worldwide, with millions of men affected by it every year and almost 2/3 of all men beginning to go bald by the time that they’re 60. The main difference men have with hair loss when compared to women is that there is no stigma attached [...]

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